Great Dane Pitbull Mix Information: Price, Appearance, Temperament, History, Training, Grooming, and more

Great Dane Pitbull mix is becoming a trendy mix dog breed in the United States and globally. A mix between a Great Dane and a Pitbull is called a Great Dane Pitbull mix. 

Great Dane and Pitbull mix are not as common as other cross-breds.

They are usually big dogs. So they need plenty of room to run around. 

They also need plenty of exercises. However, they are very friendly and make great family dogs. 

They can be a bit expensive. But they are worth the money. 

The price of a Great Dane Pitbull mix may vary. But it is generally less expensive than a purebred Great Dane or Pitbull. 

Breeders may charge anywhere from $200 to $600 for this type of dog.

Great Dane Pitbull Mix History

The Great Dane-Pitbull mix breed is a relatively new dog. However, they have become popular recently.

Some say the combination is a great dane and pit bull. Others say it’s a name for mixed dogs.

Whatever the case may be, these dogs are known for being loyal and friendly companions.

The history of the great dane pitbull mix breed is somewhat unknown. But it is believed that the mix originated in the US. 

These dogs have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are often used as working dogs or as companions. 

They are known to be loyal and friendly and make excellent pets.

Characteristics Profile

Breed Type:Large & Mixed Dog Breed
Height:20–30 inches
Weight:50-70 pounds
Colors:Black, red, white, brown, tan, grey
Lifespan:8–12 years
Price:$200 to $600
Suitable for:Active families or singles, house with a yard


The Great dane pitbull mix is a beautiful dog. They have the large head and muscular body of the Great Dane. Also, they have the short fur and robust build of the pit bull. 

They come in various colors: black, brown, white, and grey. They are usually about 20-30 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 50-70 pounds.

Great dane-pitbull mixes are great pets. Good with both children and animals. They love and protect their family.

They need lots of activity to keep fit and happy. Perhaps you want a big, robust, and friendly dog. Then you can choose a Great Dane pitbull mix.


The temperament of a Great Dane pitbull mix can vary depending on the individual dog. Some may be more aggressive, while others may be timider. 

Before taking a dog home, learn its personality. If you have kids, be careful with an aggressive dog.

Ensure you are always in control of the situation. Your children know how to behave correctly around the dog.

There is no one answer to the temperament of this breed. Because these dogs are a mix of two very different breeds. So their personalities will vary greatly. 

Some may be outgoing and playful. In comparison, others may be more reserved and shy.

You must spend time with your dog to learn its characteristics. Then, make sure it fits your household.

Pit bulls are known for being loyal and protective of their families. But, at the same time, Great Danes are known for being gentle giants.

This makes a protective and caring pet dog. However, any dog may be violent if provoked. So it is important always to be careful about other animals and humans.


Dogs need exercise, mainly breeds like the Great Dane pitbull mix. An exercise routine is essential for your dog’s physical and emotional health. 

It will help keep them physically fit and mentally stimulated. So not only is it good for them. But it’s also an excellent way for you to bond with your pet.

There are a lot of different ways to exercise your dog. Some people like to take their dogs on long walks or runs. Others prefer playing in the park or taking their dog swimming at the beach. 

Make sure you and your dog like the workout you choose.

Exercising your dog doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. There are a lot of free activities you can do right at home.

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Training

One of the most popular mixed breeds is the Great Dane-Pitbull mix. As with any cross, temperament and behavior are uncertain.

Proper training is crucial for a happy, well-adjusted Great Dane-Pitbull mix puppy.

Training should start early, as soon as your puppy comes home. Be consistent with commands and rewards. And keep sessions short but frequent. 

Use positive reinforcement like food or playtime to make dog training fun. If your dog is aggressive, get expert assistance.


There are a few health concerns for these dogs. First, the Great Dane and the Pitbull are large breeds. So they are prone to some of the same health problems. 

This includes hip dysplasia, bloat, and heart disease. These dogs are bred for strength and size. So they may be energetic and need plenty of exercises.

Without exercise, they might put on weight and suffer health issues. So perhaps you’re planning to add a this mix breed to your home. Then make sure they get enough activity and nourishment.

Most Common Disease In Great Dane Pitbull Mix

The great Dane Pitbull mix is one of the most popular mixed dog breeds in the United States. They’re considered great family pets because they’re friendly and active.

However, these dogs are also prone to several health problems. Hip dysplasia is one of the most common diseases. 

This genetic hip disorder causes discomfort and disability. In addition, the breed is prone to elbow dysplasia, bloat, and cancer.


High-quality dog food is excellent for your Great Dane Pitbull Mix’s nutrition. Look for Association of American Feed Control Officials certified complete and balanced pet food.

This means the food contains all the nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy.

Keep a few things in mind when feeding your pet. First, always measure the correct amount of food according to your dog’s weight. 

Dogs weighing more than 50 pounds should eat 3-4 cups of food per day. Those under 50 should eat 2-3 cups per day. 

Second, ensure you’re rotating their food brands and types often. So that they can get a variety of nutrients.

Grooming & Care

Credit: Cassie Putz

great dane pitbull mix is a medium to a large-sized dog and can weigh anywhere from 50 to 100 pounds.

They are considered easy dogs to groom and care for. But it will require some exercise. 

Many people are unsure of how to groom and care for this breed. Knowing this breed’s requirements is vital to keeping them healthy and looking well.

Great dane pitbull mixes should have their teeth brushed, bathed, and nails trimmed. Coat care is also essential.

You should regularly brush them to remove dead hair and prevents matting.

Food & Diet

This large dog breed has a lot of energy. But, as with any dog, it is vital to feed them the right food. It will ensure their health and well-being.

Generally, it is best to feed your Great Dane pitbull twice daily. They should have access to clean water at all times. 

It is also essential to ensure they get plenty of exercise. At least an hour per day is necessary.

Regarding food, you should give your dog a high-quality diet consisting of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. 

Avoid feeding them table scraps, which can lead to weight gain and other health problems.

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Puppy Price

Great Dane pitbull mix puppies are not as standard as other mixed breed puppies. But they can indeed be found if you know where to look. 

The price for a great dane pitbull mix puppy will vary depending on the breeder. But typically, they are priced between $200 and $400. 

When searching for a good breeder, you get what you pay for. So prepare to pay extra for a good dog.

Is Great Dane Pitbull Mix a Good Guard Dog?

Every dog is unique and has its own personality and skills. So it is considering if this breed would make a decent guard dog.

First, the Great Dane and the pitbull are large breeds known for their strength and courage. This could make them good deterrents against would-be intruders.

Both breeds are loyal and protective of their family and homes. Thus they may be quick to alert visitors.

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Lifespan

There’s no clarity on a Great Dane pitbull mix’s lifespan. Some say that they typically live for around 10-12 years. Others report that they can sometimes reach 15 or even 16. 

It depends on how healthy and well-cared-for the dog is during its life.

This breed is less prone to genetic health concerns than purebreds. But they can still suffer from various issues depending on their parents’ genes. 

So, purchase your dog from a reputed breeder. That examines for health issues and offers parent health records.


In conclusion, the Great Dane Pitbull Mix is a great pet choice for families. They are loving and protective dogs with children. 

They are also relatively affordable, making them a great option for those on a budget. Choose a trustworthy breeder if you want a Great Dane Pitbull mix.


Q. How much does a full-grown Great Dane-Pitbull mix weigh?

A. A full-grown Great Dane-Pitbull mix typically weighs between 50 and 100 pounds. They’re a giant, muscular breed that’s gentle and loving.