Three Dogs Attacked a Woman in Abbots Park, Lambeth

On Tuesday, June 6, three dogs attacked a woman in Abbots Park, Lambeth.

A woman in her mid-20s went to the hospital because her right arm was severely hurt.

Her wounds are not so bad that they could kill her. Around 12:15, the attack took place.

People shared a video on social media of the attack, which showed the woman screaming in pain as the three dogs jumped on her and bit her.

The person who owns the dogs can be seen trying to get them to behave.

Since then, the Metropolitan Police have revealed that the attack occurred in Lambeth, not Stepney Green, as was first said.

Before the cops arrived, the man in charge of the dogs had left the scene with them.

The dogs and their owner are still being looked for.
People say that the woman is getting better in the hospital.