My Dear Dog is an online site that covers all the topics associated with owning a pet that includes:

  • Dog Training and behavior
  • Dog Breed and comparisons
  • Dog products reviews
  • Dog Parks near you
  • Dog foods
  • Grooming
  • Dog Exercise and Wellness tips

We love dogs and have a team of experts on dogs who can provide you with the best care and guidance. We want to help people get the most out of their dogs, whether training them for a specific task or just giving them companionship.


So with this intention, we have created our first blog, “My Dear Dog.” Here we provide information about Dog Breeds, Park, Training methods, Grooming, and behavior tips. 


Not only dogs, but we love all kinds of animals and have a unique bond between them.


However, we blog about all dog breeds and types. We do not share any veterinary advice or treatment method through this blog. 

Hence, if you notice something wrong with your dog, take it to a veterinary clinic near you.

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Our Team

Sonali Halder

Sonali Halder is a pet lover and has tremendous experience with dogs and other pets.

She wants to share her knowledge and love for animals with others. So they can have a positive relationship with their furry friend.

author tina
Tina Ghosh

Believe in giving your furry friend the best possible life. That’s where Tina comes in. She has over 10 years of experience owning her dog Tusku and caring for canines.

So she is here to help you provide your pup with a lifetime of love and happiness.