NexGard for Small Dogs: Keeping Your Pup Safe from Parasites

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Hello, pet owners! Keeping our small furry friends healthy and happy is essential. NexGard for small dogs protects from fleas and ticks.

Instead of messy treatments, you can give your dog a tasty treat. This will make walks and cuddle time worry-free. 

NexGard is convenient and effective in fighting against fleas and ticks. Small dogs are at risk of getting parasites like fleas and ticks, which can make them uncomfortable and spread diseases. 

Keep your small dog safe and ready for snuggles with NexGard!

What is NexGard?

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NexGard is a chewable medicine for dogs that helps prevent fleas and ticks. Dogs love the beef flavor, making it easy to give. 

The medicine works quickly and lasts for a month. It’s a simple way to keep your dog healthy and happy without the mess of other treatments. 

NexGard protects against fleas, ticks, and mites, giving pet owners peace of mind. Just give your pet a treat to keep them safe from pests. 

Say goodbye to worries about fleas and ticks with NexGard!

Benefits of NexGard for Small Dogs

NexGard is excellent for small dogs. It’s easy to give because it’s a chewable tablet. 

It protects against many parasites and lasts eight weeks. It’s safe for small dogs but talk to your vet before giving it to your pet.

Trust NexGard to keep your small dog healthy and happy!

How Does NexGard Work?

NexGard acts like a superhero for your pet, efficiently eliminating mites, fleas, and ticks. Afoxolaner, a potent component in this novel monthly chewable, attacks the neurological systems of these bothersome parasites. 

NexGard works fast after your dog ingests it, eliminating fleas before they can develop eggs. Additionally, NexGard is invincible against ticks and mites since it efficiently disrupts their life cycle and stops infestations before they start. 

You may play and let your dog run about worry-free knowing that NexGard will shield them from these annoying animals.

Using NexGard for Small Dogs Safely

NexGard is famous for keeping small dogs safe from fleas and ticks. To protect your furry friend, follow your vet’s instructions on dosage and frequency. 

If you notice any unusual symptoms after giving NexGard, consult your vet. Not all dogs can use NexGard, especially those with medical conditions or allergies. 

Work with your vet to keep your small dog healthy and parasite-free.

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Additional Information and Considerations

Suppose you’re considering using NexGard for your pet. You might have questions about how it works with other medications. 

NexGard can usually be used with other medications. But it’s best to talk to your vet for advice. 

Store NexGard in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. If NexGard isn’t suitable for your dog, other parasite prevention options like topical treatments or oral medications exist. 

The most important thing is finding the best solution for your pet’s needs and lifestyle.


NexGard is a great way to protect your small dog from fleas and ticks. It works fast to eliminate infestations and stop them from returning. 

NexGard comes in a tasty chewable form that makes it easy to give to your dog. Choosing NexGard means your dog gets the best protection against parasites. 

Switch to NexGard now to keep your small dog safe and healthy.

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