14 Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

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Many tend to lean towards adopting puppies or young dogs. But adopting an older dog into your home has numerous benefits. 

Older dogs may not be as energetic or adorable as puppies. Still, they have a wealth of love, wisdom, and companionship. 

Discover the countless rewards of adopting an older dog. From companionship to unconditional love, find out why it’s a decision you won’t regret.

It began when I met Luna, an old dog abandoned and left alone on the street. 

senior dogs

His grey muzzle and sad eyes showed the difficulties he had faced in his life. Seeing his pain, loneliness, and desperation made me feel something deep inside. 

I have also experienced personal loss, so I know how much older dogs can mean to us

These special dogs often have their wounds. But they still have a lot of love and loyalty despite their complicated pasts.

However, let’s begin our main topic for today. Also read: What Does Ringworm on Dogs Look Like?   

14 Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

1. Calmer Temperament

Older dogs are calmer than young dogs. They are settled and composed. It makes them a good choice for families or individuals wanting a relaxed home.

2. Established Manners and Training

Older dogs usually have previous training and good behavior. They may already know basic commandshow to walk on a leash, and even how to pee outside

This makes it easier for them to adjust to their new home. It also saves time and effort because you don’t have to train them from the beginning like you would with a younger dog.

3. Bonding and Companionship

Adopting an adult dog can quickly create a strong bond. These dogs have lived with different owners or in other places. 

So it is easy to form a lasting connection with their new family. They offer genuine companionship and emotional support to their human companions.

4. No Surprises in Size or Personality

With older dogs, what you see is what you get. Their size and personality are fully developed, so no surprises are in store. 

You can choose a dog whose size and temperament perfectly match your lifestyle and preferences.

5. Less Demanding Exercise Routine

Older dogs need less exercise than younger dogs. This is another plus point. 

Taking them for short walks and playing with them a little is usually enough to keep them happy and healthy. 

This is good for busy people who need help to handle a very active dog.

6. Chance to Give Back

Adopting an older dog is not just about what it can bring to your life; it’s also a chance to give back. 

Senior dogs end up in shelters because of unexpected situations. 

So, giving them a loving home in their later years is a kind act that makes a big difference in their lives.

7. Honoring Their Legacy

Senior dogs have lived a long time; adopting them lets you join their journey. 

It gives them the love and care they deserve. Giving them a safe and happy home in their later years is a fulfilling way to honor their life.

8. Perfect for Seniors

Perfect for Seniors

Senior citizens can benefit from adopting senior dogs. Older dogs have a similar pace of life. 

Therefore, it makes them great companions for seniors without energy or mobility for a more active dog. Having an older dog around can bring happiness and meaning to their lives.

9. Saving Lives

When you adopt a fully grown dog, you give them another opportunity to live. Shelters struggle to find permanent homes for senior dogs. 

So they are more likely to be euthanized. By choosing to adopt an adult dog, you can save a life and contribute to solving the pet overpopulation issue.

10. Less Destructive Behavior

Unlike younger dogs, who may go through a phase of destructive behavior, older dogs tend to be more well-behaved and less likely to engage in destructive habits. 

This means less chewed-up furniture and shoes and a more relaxed living environment.

11. Supporting Shelters and Rescue Organizations

Choosing an older dog from a shelter or rescue organization supports their mission of finding homes for needy dogs. 

This act of kindness helps these organizations continue their vital work in rescuing and caring for abandoned and neglected animals.

12. The Joy of Giving Unconditional Love

Older dogs love unconditionally. They are grateful for a second chance and will show you gratitude and affection. The love and loyalty you get from an older dog is very fulfilling.

13. Health Benefits for Humans

Spending time with a dog is good for humans, not just older dogs. Studies have shown that it can make people less stressed, lower their blood pressure, and more active.

14. A Lesson in Appreciating the Present

Older dogs teach us important life lessons. They remind us to enjoy the present, value our time together, and find happiness in simple things. They can be wise and inspiring.

Few Disadvantages of Adopting an Older Dog

Adopting an adult dog has benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the disadvantages of adopting a fully grown dog:

  • Shorter lifespan. Older dogs have a shorter lifespan than younger dogs, so you may not have as much time with them.
  • Health problems. Older dogs are more likely to have health problems, so you may need to pay for more veterinary care.
  • Set in their ways. Older dogs may be set in their ways, so training or changing their behavior may be more difficult.
  • Less energy. Older dogs may have less energy than younger dogs so they may be less playful or active.

Tips to Find The Perfect Older Dog For You

Adopting an older dog
  • Start by visiting your local animal shelter or rescue organization: This is a great way to get senior dogs for adoption.
  • Be clear about your expectations: Consider what you’re looking for in a dog, such as size, energy level, and temperament.
  • Ask questions: The shelter or rescue organization staff can tell you more about the adult dogs for adoption and help you find the perfect match.

Final Thoughts

Adopting an older dog has many rewards. They are calm, well-behaved, and offer unconditional love. 

Senior dogs enrich the lives of their adoptive families and bring joy and fulfillment. If you’re considering getting a dog, consider the benefits of adopting an adult one.


Q. Is bonding with an older dog harder than a puppy? 

A. Older dogs quickly form strong bonds with their new owners and appreciate the love and care they receive.

Q. Do older dogs require less medical attention? 

A. Senior dogs may have specific health needs, but with regular veterinary care, they can lead healthy and happy lives.

Q. Can older dogs learn new tricks? 

A. Absolutely! Older dogs can learn new commands and tricks with patience and positive reinforcement.

Q. Are older dogs less playful than younger dogs? 

A. Older dogs can still have fun playing and doing activities.

Q. How can I make the transition easier for an older adopted dog? 

A. Provide a comfortable and safe environment, be patient, and give them time to adjust to their new surroundings and routine.

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