Get a Grip: The Benefits of Paracord Leashes for Dogs

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As pet owners, buying products that keep our dogs safe and show their personality is essential. Paracord leashes for dogs are great because they are helpful and look good, with many colors and designs to match your dog’s style. 

Paracord leashes are practical and stylish for walking your dog. This blog post will talk about why dog owners should use paracord leashes and how they can benefit from them.

Get ready to improve your dog walks with these new paracord leashes! They are reliable and comfortable for all dogs, whether big or small.

Pros of Paracord Leashes for Dogs

Paracord Leashes for Dogs


Paracord leashes are solid and reliable for pet owners. They are made of tough nylon cord, known for their durability. 

Paracord leashes are more robust than regular leashes that can easily break, making them great for more extensive or energetic dogs. 

This strength keeps your pet safe during walks.


Paracord leashes let pet owners get creative with different colors and knot designs. You can make the leash unique to match your style and pet’s character. 

There are many color choices, from bright to natural shades. This makes it easy to create a leash that’s special and different from regular ones. 

Whether you like a plain color or a fancy braid, paracord leashes offer unmatched customization.


 Paracord leashes are light and easy to use, making walks with your pet easier. They are comfortable to hold and control, reducing strain on your hands and arms. 

Paracord leashes are durable and last a long time, even for active dogs. Whether walking in nature or around your neighborhood, a paracord leash will improve your walks.

Water resistance: 

Paracord leashes are popular for pet owners because they are solid and versatile. They are made from nylon, which makes them resistant to water and harsh weather. 

This means they will stay reliable and keep your pet safe, whether you are walking them in the rain or on rough terrain.

Cons of Paracord Leashes for Dogs

DIY skills required: 

When making paracord leashes, there are good and bad points to consider. One downside is that you need to be good at doing it yourself. 

Making a paracord leash needs knotting skills and tricky techniques that might be hard for beginners. With the proper knowledge, creating a solid leash can be easy. 

But with practice, you can get good at making paracord leashes that are both pretty and useful for your pet.

Not suitable for all dogs: 

Many pet owners like using paracord leashes because they are strong and can be used differently. But, these leashes may only be ideal for some dogs. 

Big or strong dogs might be too much for the thin cord to handle, which could lead to safety issues. Consider your dog’s size and strength when picking a leash for their safety and comfort during walks.

May fray with constant use: 

Paracord leashes are a robust and reliable option for walking pets. They can fray with frequent use, so check them regularly for damage. 

Despite this, they are a good choice for pet owners who want a durable leash.

Choosing the Right Paracord and Hardware

Paracord type: 

Consider a few important factors when choosing a paracord for your leash. Traditional paracord is solid and durable, making it popular for many pet owners with larger or stronger dogs. 

PPM paracord is light and water-resistant, suitable for small dogs or those who don’t like heavy materials. The best choice depends on your pet’s size, strength, and activity level. 

Consider these factors when choosing the suitable paracord for your dog’s leash.


When picking out gear for your dog, consider their size and what you’ll do. Use a 4-6 millimeter paracord for small dogs or light activities. 

Medium-sized dogs or more active ones might need a 6-8 millimeter cord. Larger dogs or those doing heavy activities should go for 8-10 millimeter paracord for strength. 

Choosing the proper thickness will keep your dog safe and comfy during your adventures.


When choosing a leash for your dog, consider the size and strength of the paracord and hardware. A 4-6 foot leash is recommended for walking, while a 2-4 foot leash may be better for training. 

Ensure the leash is strong enough for your dog’s size and energy level. Choose a leash that meets both your dog’s needs and your own.


Choosing the suitable paracord and hardware for your project may seem overwhelming. But you can easily find what you need with some guidance. 

When picking clasps and swivels, consider size, durability, and style. 

Choose a clasp that fits your paracord thickness and a sturdy swivel to prevent tangling. 

The proper hardware can significantly improve your finished product, whether a bracelet or keychain. Enjoy crafting!

How to Make a Basic Paracord Leashes for Dogs?

To make a strong leash for your dog:

  1. Use paracord, a clip, and knot-tying skills.
  2. Cut the paracord to your preferred length, then braid or tie knots to make the leash.
  3. Attach the clip to one end to finish.
  4. For help, visit DIY Projects or Paracord Planet.

Video Credit: CbyS Paracord and More

Safety Tips and Considerations for Paracord Leashes for Dogs

To keep your dog safe on walks:

  1. Use a strong leash that fits your dog and the activities you do.
  2. Tie the leash securely and check it for damage regularly.
  3. Replace it if needed.

Use these tips to keep your dog safe on your adventures.


Paracord leashes are solid and reliable for dog owners who want a durable leash for outdoor activities. You can customize them easily for your dog’s size and style. 

These leashes are comfortable and secure for walks or training. They keep your furry friend safe and add style to your outings. 

Get a high-quality paracord leash to improve your dog’s walks for years.

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